Best Supported Living Activities for Seniors

All people with disabilities want to live their lives like anyone else. They want the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling and independent life, but many people underestimate what they can do because of their disability. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five different supported living activities that will keep your senior loved ones happy and healthy.


Crafting is therapeutic for many people and can be beneficial to their well-being. Help the disabled to find inspiration with art supplies like paints, markers, and coloured pencils. Let them get crafty by creating a scrapbook or even putting together a puzzle.

Daily Living Tasks

Many people with disabilities can’t do certain tasks independently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to try. So whether it’s cooking breakfast or folding laundry after a long day, you can help your loved one complete these simple yet important activities every chance you get.

Social Interaction

The disabled want friendships just as much as anyone else, but it can be challenging for them to find companionship. So practice social interaction with your loved one by suggesting a game night, inviting friends over, or simply taking their hand as you walk down the street; they’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Brain-Boosting Games

These are activities that encourage the brain to think and grow. Brain boosting games such as crossword puzzles, chess, or sudoku can be beneficial for improving memory and concentration, so challenge your loved ones whenever you’re with them.

Field Trips

Seniors with disabilities can enjoy outings in the community. Whether it’s visiting a museum, shopping at the mall, or simply taking their dog for an afternoon walk around the neighbourhood, field trips are very beneficial for them.