Disability Awareness Events

Do you need some ideas for a disability awareness event? An essential part of any disability organisation’s mission is to create an environment where people with disabilities can feel comfortable and supported.

In addition, disability awareness events will raise your organisation’s profile. They act as great PR tools which you can use to show how much work your charity does on behalf of people with disabilities while simultaneously allowing more potential donors or volunteers to join the ship.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then here are five ideas that you can use as disability awareness events.

Breakfast or Lunch

Organising a breakfast or lunch is another excellent way to help people with disabilities get together and socialise. This can be done in groups (like at the local community centre) or one-on-one with disabled friends, family members, or colleagues.


One of the most popular disability awareness events is to have a walk. If your organisation already has arranged a volunteer group, then you can easily organise people to go for walks or hikes with their friends and family members who are disabled. This is especially great if there’s somewhere beautiful in the local area that they’d like to visit.

During a walk, there’s a lot of physical interaction between people with disabilities and those without disabilities. This is excellent for conversation, which can lead to deeper understanding and empathy on both sides. You may also consider involving a prominent local member of the community or celebrity.

Talent Shows

Talent shows are a great way to bring people together and allow them to show off their skills. So, organise a special talent show for the disabled community, where participants can enter with something they’re good at (the only rule is that it’s got to be safe!).

Hosting Workshops

You may want to consider hosting specialised workshops as part of your event programme. For example, some organisations will host pottery classes where participants learn how to throw pots on a wheel. Other examples include art classes (like painting) or even cooking demonstrations – anything creative goes.

Talk to the Local Community

Another simple yet brilliant disability awareness event idea is simply getting out there and talking to people in your local area about disabilities and dispelling myths or misconceptions that they may have about their condition.

You could hold talks at universities, colleges, or community centres. Alternatively, you may decide to go door to door or phone people up to have an informal chat.

Disability Awareness Day

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