How Do You Choose Casino Games for People with Disabilities?

Choosing suitable online casino games for people with disabilities can be a challenge. There are so many different types of disabilities, and each one requires its own set of considerations when it comes to gaming.

Whether you are looking to accommodate an employee who is disabled or planning on hosting a casino night event at your company, here are five tips that will help you choose appropriate casino games for people with disabilities.

Nature of the Game

Not all casino games are created equally. Be sure to consider the nature of the game when choosing casino games for people with disabilities. If you have a loved one who has difficulty understanding numbers, then offering bingo might be a better choice than roulette or craps because there is less math involved in playing these types of games.

If the game requires quick reflexes, then this might not be the best option for an individual who has difficulty with coordination.


Just because your loved one is disabled doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences. If you are looking to accommodate a loved one who has cerebral palsy, but their favourite game is blackjack or roulette, then, by all means, choose games in which your loved one feels comfortable and confident.

For instance, if a person with a disability prefers to play bingo at, then you should respect their choice.

Nature of Disability

The type of games you choose will depend on the individual’s abilities and the nature of their disability. For example, choosing games that are primarily auditory in nature might be a better fit for someone who has difficulty seeing or hearing than those requiring reading skills.